SLS Freight coordinates industry leading shipping and logistics services for a diverse set of clients. They do this by leveraging the SLS carrier network and proprietary information to meet client needs, and exceed client expectations. This means SLS must have their carrier information readily available, knowing clearly which services are provided and for how much. They also need to be able to track their clients' needs, and be able to match client needs with partner services as efficiently as possible. All of this has to happen within the workflow created by SLS Freight's experienced ops team.


No software platform exists that meets their specific needs, or provides them a base to expand SLS Freight exactly how they would like to. Adapting to existing software slowed them down, prevented them from implementing new and efficient workflows, and cost them thousands of dollars in software customizations that rarely worked as expected.


SLS Prism is a modern software system designed by SLS Freight and built by RD2 Consulting. Prism will allow SLS Freight to move to the next level operationally, expanding to new offices, taking on new staff, and providing clients an even better experience. This custom system is an advantage over the competition, and aims to set a new standard for shipping and logistics software.